dinsdag 15 augustus 2023

The Adventures of a new life in the Bali Mountains


My deeper then a suntan life in the Bali Mountains.


What makes your home your own? Is it knowing when you’ll hear the squeak in the bathroom door? What about the kitchen floor? Or is it more? Does it include the memories that happened inside its walls? All the days and nights of the winters, springs, summers and falls? Or is it even more? What about the nouns of the town? The people, places and things that all have been around? I believe that it is all these things that make you want to sing. Your home is your own because you make it so. Your home is your home because it’s the best thing you’ve ever known.

Jess Sauerhoff


Being from Amsterdam and today exactly 22 happy years living in Bali. 

Our guests visiting The Organic Farm & CafĂ© ask me daily how this  Amsterdam city girl ended up being a farmer in a remote agriculture area in Bali?

This is my story..

Growing up in Holland my life was full of rules and many limits. Priority was not what makes you happy. Instead I should be the perfect copy kid by following everybody else’s life path. Study, followed by getting married and having perfect kids. Living in a perfect home with the perfect car on the drive way, At 67 I could finally live my own dream of golden years.

A life in which every day is a new adventure.

Faith tapped me on the shoulders and is my guiding force on the Island of the Gods.